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Wasatch Model Company “O” Scale Passenger Car Trucks

I am planning one more run of my “O” Scale Passenger Car trucks.

Please reserve as soon as possible, trucks will only be produced to satisfy reservations. I will be asking for a deposit on your order as this is a no profit production for me, I’m doing this to help the hobby and get a few trucks for myself.

This will probably be the very last time to get any of these trucks if you need then now or in the future.

Please send your reservations with all your contact information to:

41-N Inside Swing Hanger Truck Below

41-CUDO Modern Outside Swing Hanger Truck

61-UDO Modern Outside Swing Hanger Trucks

2410 Heavyweight Truck
Southern Pacific Modern 3 Axle Truck
41-HR 9′ Wheelbase Truck
242 Heavyweight Truck
Southern Pacific Napoleon Hat Truck
41-ND Disc Brake Version of the 41-N Shown with 2 different shocks

All 2 Axle trucks are $139/Pair All 3 Axle Trucks are $149/Pair

Deposits will be required

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