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Union Pacific Budd Passenger Cars

The Union Pacific needed new passenger cars and everyone had stopped building passenger cars except Budd. UP ordered 50 10-6 Pacific Sleepers to add to their fleet. 43 of these cars went to Amtrak.

Lot 9660-039, Pullman Plan 9522, Ordered 2/48, Delivered 12/49 – 6/50 10 Roomette, 6 Bedroom Sleeper

The Union Pacific also ordered 20 Budd Coaches, they all went to Amtrak.

Lot 9613-230, Ordered 3/60, Delivered 2/61 – 5/61 44 Set Coach

The Union Pacific also ordered 8 RPO’s from Budd and then the Post Office canceled their contract with the railroads 4 years later !

Lot 9607-310, Ordered 8/63, Delivered 8/63 -9/63

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These 3 cars will be built to confirmed reservation only with deposits.

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